Community Resource Center

Fair Haven’s Community Resource Center is a vital hub for our comprehensive support programs. Here, we house our Outreach, Legal, and Community Awareness initiatives, uniting to create a haven for those affected by domestic violence.

  1. S.T.A.N.D. Club:
    1. Proudly present at Wayne County High School and Appling County Middle School, our S.T.A.N.D. Clubs advocate for healthy relationships through service projects and awareness campaigns, creating positive change within their school.
  2. Fundraising Initiatives:
    1. Fundraising plays a significant role in securing our annual funding. We organize two key fundraisers each year: Clicks for a Cause, taking place every November, and the Professional Women’s Luncheon & Fashion Show, held annually in April. These events are crucial in sustaining our mission and ensuring that we can continue providing essential support and resources to those affected by domestic violence.
  3. Contact Information:
    1. For non-emergency assistance or to file a TPO, please call our office at 912-559-9290. Fair Haven remains dedicated to fostering safe and empowered communities free from fear and violence. Your support and participation in our fundraise