Is it abuse?

How do I know its abuse?

Dating abuse includes any behavior by a dating partner that is used to manipulate, gain control, or gain power over someone. Abuse makes a person feel bad about himself or herself or other people close to this person (such as friends or family). It can make a person afraid of her or his boyfriend or girlfriend. Dating abuse is never acceptable under any circumstances.
Abusive behaviors can include hitting, pushing, pinching, throwing things, or using a weapon. Other physical behaviors that are abusive are biting, spitting, pulling hair, choking, or shoving.
Emotional and psychological abuse is just as harmful. Ignoring a date’s feelings, insulting a date’s feelings or values, name calling and humiliating a date are some examples of this type of abuse. Threats to hurt oneself or telling lies can be abusive too.
No one has a right to force a date to have sex or do other sexual things he or she doesn’t want to do. It’s important to realize that an abusive girlfriend or boyfriend can use physical or emotional attacks and that emotional abuse can be as serious as physical abuse.Couple seated on couch dating abuse Fair Haven Jesup GA

You can choose!

How do you want to be treated?
What characteristics do you want in a date?
How will you treat your date?
Before you date, decide what you want and don’t want.


– Losing friends
-Being afraid
-Unwanted advances
-Feeling put down
-Being threatened
-Being lied to
-Feeling controlled
-Not listening to my feelings
-Being cruel to pets
-Not valuing my opinion
-Being jealous
-Using drugs or alcohol